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Our coaches


Mike Cassidy

Master Trainer, Wellness Coach


I am Mike Cassidy.  My biggest accomplishment in life is my family.  A proud husband and father of 2 amazing young women.  I strive everyday to improve upon myself for one reason, to make them inspired to do the same in life.

So, I am asked all the time "What made you decide to become a Wellness Coach and Master Trainer?". First a little back story.  I was the normal professional with a great hourly job.  Then I suffered a traumatic injury that left me on a spiral to bad health.  Eventually, I found myself a man of 310 pounds and suffering from a very progressive autoimmune disease that left me broken and cane reliant. 

Now, let me answer the question: Honestly, one gigantic moment 12 years ago when I was told, "You will most likely not survive the decade".  I looked at my baby girls and realized they will not have a father to walk them through the biggest moments of life.  In shock, I had a choice, acceptance or stubborn determination.  I decided to change the prognosis and in turn change the outcome.  That day I started my next journey of education, determination and motivation towards my own person health and wellness.  

Terrified, yet unencumbered with doubt I pushed forward.  Every day, Every week, Every year led me a little closer to my goal, survival and vitality.  One day, my doctor surprised me.  He said "You did it, the disease is driven back and stable in remission. Tell your story, its inspiring."  I remember the tears that flowed from my eyes as I realized I not only changed my life but my daughters as well.  I will now be here to see them through life and have the honor of standing proudly at their side. 

I realized that day, we are not defined by our circumstances; we are the architect of them.  We can choose to allow them to chain us; or choose to use them towards growth.  

My new goal, vision & dream is to use my education, journey and empathy to help anyone that is willing to change their circumstances; to grow beyond and become more.  We are all beautiful, but are we our most vibrant, the person that has health, longevity & stamina?  If not, seek it out, not for yourself, but for all those you love.


NASM - Master Trainer

Behavioral Change Specialist, BCS

Corrective Exercise Specialist, CES

Fitness Nutrition Specialist, FNS

Certified Nutrition Coach, CNC

Senior Fitness Specialist, SFS

Senior Trainer/Evaluator and Outdoor Emergency Care Coordinator

Labrador Mountain/Song Mountain NSP


Anthony Diaz

Hey Everyone!

My name is Anthony but some people call me AJ. As a coach, I am more than excited to help you reach your goals! I have been active my entire life; from being a captain on various teams in grade school, including Cross Country, Track and Swimming, to now being a coach and helping many of my family and friends reach their goals. I am excited to help out as many people as I can.

A little about me! I recently graduated from Syracuse University. I love to life weights and also have some lazy days around the house. I also love to joke around and have a good time. I worked at a daycare/summer camp for 5 years so trying to make things fun and exciting is what I'm all about! I hope to make your fitness journey fun and exciting as well!


B.S. Selected Studies Physical Activity and Coaching - Syracuse University


Aleasia Burton

Hello, I'm Aleasia :)

I am a certified personal trainer here to help people that want to change their life for the better! I love helping others and educating the public about the huge impact exercise & movement has on ones health & longevity. I was once unmotivated and not living my best life. I was almost 200 lbs; walking up and down stairs to do laundry winded me at the age of 18. My life changed when I was introduced to weightlifting. I felt healthier and more energized, and a nice bonus was weight loss. Eventually, I decided to educate myself on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and it turned into being something that brought me happiness. Now, I am here to educate others to always do better than last time and make sure it is always fun. Health and fitness is a lifestyle not a life sentence, lets make it fun!


NASM Certified Personal Trainer - CPT

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